LNG filling stations

We offer LNG and LCNG filling stations supplying both liquid and compressed natural gas for vehicles.

Due to the modular design of our systems, we are able to extend your filling station quickly and cost-efficiently, whenever necessary. The vacuum technology used for our filling stations prevents a boil-off and gives our customers environmental safety and security. We offer mobile LNG/LCNG stations with complete fire safety and security control system including remote control operation that can be fitted in either 20Ft or 40Ft containers.

Liquid natural gas (LNG) is stored in a cryogenic tank and then pumped directly to a dispenser for liquid delivery. Alternatively, it can be pressurised and vaporised for delivery as compressed natural gas (CNG).

We can assist on the emission reduction targets set national level by providing LNG stations and LNG supply chain so as to reduce heavy-duty road and marine transports especially for trawlers and fishing boats emissions considerably from the current levels.

Small to mid-scale LNG plants

GPM has the know-how and expertise to provide small-scale LNG plants based on modularised LNG plants by incooperation with leading manufacturers of LNG equipment.

Driven by favourable gas prices and emission regulations, LNG is growing to replace traditional oil-based fuels in heavy marine and vehicle engines, power generation, and some cases for peak shaving applications.

Our small to mid-scale LNG plant capacity ranges between 100 and 3,000 tpd using the most reliable and proven technology equipment and applying standard pre-engineered design concept with some adjustments. Our LNG solutions come with ease of operations, efficiency with competitive prices and shortest execution schedule.

We apply our experience from various projects to provide our gas and energy customers with a holistic approach in the field of small to mid-scale LNG plants development. Starting from concept, design through implementation of the project, testing, commissioning, service, up to maintenance of the plants. An experienced team of engineers, technicians, welders and specialist fitters, as well as modern equipment, are at your disposal.


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