Modular Battery Energy Storage

We provide modular battery energy storage for AC or DC coupled systems, for low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV), which are designed to provide increased power quality (Active and Reactive Power Control), Peak Shaving and Load Balancing, day to night shifting of renewable energy, diesel genset operation efficiency improvements

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Our energy storage systems (ESS) can be used for charging or discharging the storage media of power supply systems or hybrid (solar/wind/diesel/grid) systems in addition to isolated networks which supply electrical power to areas which are not connected to the national grid. In regenerative or also generator-powered power supply systems, our ESS ensures that high quantities of energy can be supplied, even in the short term


Our ESS are designed for various energy and power applications combine with our expertise in controls, power generation, battery and operational management systems. We offer complete integrated ESS turnkey solutions for power plants efficiency improvement, renewable energy production optimization for commercial and industrial customers, on/off grid applications.


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