GPM Assists Solar Project

GPM assists solar project developers and investors over the entire lifecycle. We provide on project feasibility study, assist in project financing, regulatory frame works, budgeting, and operation management

Photovoltaic Systems

PV- modules can be mounted on tilted roofs, flat roofs but also integrated into building walls and windows. Transparent modules can be mounted on building wall or solar greenhouses.

Large scale PV-modules are either installed for grid connected or dedicated mini-grid applications by the base load support from grid/genset.

In many cases, PV- systems are installed on building, either on tilted or flat roofs. A number of mounting systems have been developed specifically for PV- modules on tilted roofs such that no major building work has to be undertaken. The modules tend to be made from aluminium and can grip onto the roof tiles.

Building Integrated PV (BIPV)

There are many shapes and forms for PV panels,

Some of the major characteristics are:

Colour of the Surface. Unlike Crystalline Photovoltaics, Thin Film PV comes in various colours.

Transparency: Some thin films are transparent to the visible spectrum. This way they can be put on big window fronts of office blocks, and still generating some electricity while not blocking the light for the offices inside.

Flexibility: Some panels are protected with glass while others are more like sheets.

Solar Greenhouses

Using transparent solar modules, greenhouses can combine agricultural food production with power production.

Depending on the location and the needs of the plants to be grown underneath, the light transparency of the modules must be chosen.

The greenhouses will typically allow for cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, water melons, cabbage and other crops.

In hydroponic plants, the roofs above the plants are not transparent as inside an artificial climate is created while plants are in water. In this instance, standard solar modules can be used on top of the roof.


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